Robot with I.A Erica, will be the first to star in a movie | Instagram

The first artificial intelligence robot that will shine on the big screen is called Erica and will star in a movie science fiction, this being the first film to feature a robot of this type.

Erica will become the first robot with the use of artificial intelligence to have a leading role in a movie as if it were a real actor.

This robot was created practically to act like a real actor and finally he will have his chance to demonstrate everything he is capable of in the seventh art.

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Will be the protagonist of « B« A movie of Science fiction which will begin filming in June next year.

So far there is not much information about the film, but it is known that it will have a budget of $ 70 million dollars.

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Regarding history, it will be a scientist who in search of the Perfect human DNA create a humanoid robot which he will later help to escape and survive from the dangers that surround him.

This robot with its own artificial intelligence has been trained through the acting method allowing him to be able to react to different stimuli in the same way that a real actor would.

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Not only their expressions will changebut also the speed of their movements when talking and showing feelings.

She was created to play the character. We had to simulate movements and emotions through sessions to control the speed of his movements, to speak with feeling and to train character development as well as body language. « 

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This robot, which was created by scientists Hitoshi Ishiguro and Kihei Ogawa has successfully to call completely attention since its creation in 2018.

It is worth mentioning that Erica was going to star in the film 2nd Born by director Tony Kaye in 2018 but for some problems, the project was canceled.

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Erica, the first robot to act in a movie, will take a new step and it could become the next hollywood star.