Roborock S7 – Ultra Fast Sonic Scrubbing System

Roborock’s new flagship robot vacuum vacuums powerfully and intelligently, and its mop-mop raises when it detects a carpet.

Roborock presents the new iteration of its flagship product, the S7, an advanced robot vacuum cleaner that includes one of the fastest sonic scrubbing systems on the market and a mop that automatically rises in the presence of carpets and other obstacles. The goal is to simplify the robotic vacuuming and scrubbing experience.

Sonic scrub

Roborock S7’s sonic scrubbing system is based on high-speed vibrations that can reach up to 3,000 times / min. This new scrubbing system strengthens cleaning ability, easily disintegrating the driest and toughest stains. In addition, for a more powerful cleaning, the pressure exerted by the mop on the floor also increases.

Scrub floors and vacuum carpets in one go

Roborock S7 is the first robot on the market to combine sonic scrubbing with intelligent mop lifting. VibraRise technology automatically raises the mop when it detects rugs. This innovative feature, made possible by Roborock’s new ultrasonic carpet recognition technology, allows you to mop hard floors and vacuum carpets in a single cleaning session, without interruptions. The mop is also raised when the robot is loading, so no plastic mat is needed.

Aspirating efficiency

Another innovation is its main rubber brush, which sticks better to the floor to stir up dirt. Combined with a strong 2500 Pa suction, it also offers a deeper cleaning of carpets.

More personalized cleaning

Through its mobile app, the user can decide different scrubbing intensities: 1,650 times / min, 2,300 times / min and 3,000 times / min. Added “Deep Scrub” mode, where the robot scrubs the same area twice for a more thorough cleaning. Smart mapping provides real-time reports on the exact path of the robot during each cleaning, providing information on the areas being cleaned and vacuumed.

Alexa, Siri and Google Home

The S7 is compatible with Alexa, Google Home and Siri, that is, it is capable of responding to voice commands for a more comfortable operation.
549 euros

Note: We are testing the Roborock S7 in the Gadget Lab. Getting accurate conclusions from this type of equipment takes a long time to use. As soon as we have them, we will post them here.