Roborock S7: precision multitasking robot cleaner

If you are looking for a powerful hybrid autonomous robot (vacuum cleaner + mop) that does not spoil your carpets, point this Roborock.

We start with its physical design. The S7 could easily be confused with other models in the Roborock range and, by far, with those of other brands. It measures 35 cm in diameter by almost 10 cm high, that is, it is a large robot. Our test unit has a glossy white finish decorated with a silver border; it is also available in black. In the center, in that kind of raised disk, is the Lidar sensor. The plastic of its housing is very resistant, as well as the materials of the mechanical parts in sight.

The container that houses all the aspirated residues is (dis) installed very easily and can be cleaned under the tap; the roller and blade are also easy to disassemble and clean. This rubber roller has fins that optimize the deep cleaning of the carpets.

The aforementioned container for the powder has a capacity of 470 ml and that of the water tank is 300 ml; according to the company, they are sufficient for an area of ​​up to 200 square meters. In terms of autonomy, on average, it is about 3 hours between charges, depending on the configuration and the suction and mopping power.

Configuration and management

After unpacking all the elements, it is recommended that the robot be fully charged on its base, the perfect period to download the mobile app, pair the two and dive through all the options. Adding the S7 as a new robot and connecting it to the WiFi is a quick process and accessible to all audiences because the aforementioned app guides you step by step.

This robot is based on a mapping of the surface to be cleaned and the programming of cleaning cycles by days / hours / rooms. It also supports manual start-up.

Specific cleaning zones can be configured. For example, around a crib or the dog’s mattress. From them, it is possible to define the times you want me to clean them (up to three) when you give the order. Of course, it is possible to exclude zones or rooms from cleaning cycles; Every time one of these ends, the app clearly shows where it has gone and where it hasn’t.

The S7’s own controls are summarized in Spot Clean (to clean a small area using a radial pattern), Power (starts or stops a cleaning cycle) and Start (sends the S7 to the charging station); are accompanied by an informative LED arc light.

It goes without saying that if during a cleaning cycle the battery runs out, it returns to the base itself and, once recharged with energy, restarts the process where it left off until it is finished. As many times as you need.


From its Lidar sensor, it makes a mapping of the surface of the house that has to be cleaned, a map that it improves as the cycles occur. Around the fourth cycle, you get a very thorough and accurate image. The built-in laser scans the room at 300 revolutions / minute and then uses that information to plot the dimensions of each room at +/- 2 cm.

This robot supports up to four independent maps, in case your house has more than one floor, you have different houses or you loan someone the S7. You will always have to tell the robot which map to use.

Once a map is created, the Roborock mobile app tries to divide it into the different rooms or rooms. It does quite well but it is not perfect; you just have to go to the app to solve the errors.

The S7 handles smart enough around the house, recognizing and avoiding obstacles, and getting around corners. His mode of operation in a room is that he outlines all the edges and then makes an S-shaped pattern.


The S7 offers a high suction capacity (2,500 Pa, the same as the predecessor model S6), with the advantage that, since it sucks and passes the mop at the same time, what it does not trap in its first facet, it does so with the second. That being said, it is unusual for anything to be left unvacured unless it is debris clinging to the ground or excessively large. It offers four different modes to choose from: Silent, Balanced, Turbo and Maximum. As you go up the scale, the suction increases, but so does the noise, and the battery life is affected as well.

Mop – scrubbing

The distinguishing feature of the S7 from the competition is the new sonic vibration technology that it employs with its scrub mode. It is based on a crescent shaped base plus a washable-reusable microfiber pad. According to the instructions, depending on the selected mode, the sonic vibrations oscillate between 1,650 and 3,000 times per minute. Together with this, another of the essential characteristics of this robot is that it detects when it is on a carpet and, at that moment, raises the structure of the mop by 5 mm, so that it does not adhere the excessive dust that carpets or carpets they usually contain so as not to wet and / or damage said textile bases. When you do this, you increase the suction power.

Through the app you can configure the operation so that it sucks and mops at the same time, or that it only performs this second option but in a deep way: Deep Mopping. In turn, it is possible to choose the scrubbing intensity between Gentle, Moderate, Intense or Close.

Gadget thinks

Without a doubt, the S7 is Roborock’s best robot to date from a cleaning efficiency standpoint. It does its job quickly, thoroughly, and delivers solid overall performance.

It excellently maps the actuation surface. He maps the rooms with precision and does an exemplary job of avoiding obstacles. Like most mapping robots, it slows down as it approaches an obstacle. The collisions with the furniture or objects are slight; you can submit that hideous vase you got to the S7 because sadly it won’t break it. We love how he strives and strives to reach the last nook in each room, dodging and climbing whatever it takes.

In its role as a vacuum cleaner, it does a magnificent job, both in reaching all the edges and nooks and in catching normal debris.

Regarding its mop function, it does not achieve the equivalent results of a human mop in hand and rubs that rubs you, but it is diligent enough to leave the floors with a dignified appearance. For example, it is not capable of removing hard and deep stains, such as those from sneakers or tempera, but it does notice that, as it passes, everything is cleaner, better than it was.

The carpet detection system and automatic lifting of the mop frame work great and steadily. During our tests, the S7 always correctly identified where there were carpets and where there were not, applying in each case its plate / mop lifting system, avoiding soaking and / or damaging the carpets. A somewhat thin mat acquired some moisture once the S7 was passed over it, but much less as if it had been sprayed with a spray.

The overall results have been the following:

Parquet and flooring: fantastic results. Tiles and hard floors in general: the above applies. Short pile rugs: it does it well, but without excellence. Long pile rugs: preferred area of ​​action and effectiveness.

By way of conclusions, based on the fact that the vacuum function shines for its effectiveness, the mop function is the main virtue that the S7 treasures: some previous Roborock models also try it, but this S7 achieves an exponential positive leap in performance. Added to this is a fast and accurate mapping, and a mobile application full of customization possibilities. The Roborock S7 is a fully reliable hybrid robot vacuum cleaner but, as with all other robots, even the much more expensive ones, don’t demand shiny floors on which to ‘eat soups’. As in all cases, from time to time you will have to mop and vacuum. One does not take away the other. Now, the S7 offers more than worthy results, excellent according to the real expectations that, as we say, you should expect from a hybrid robot cleaner.

By the way, the manufacturing company has announced that it will launch an automatic emptying base, compatible with the S7, throughout this 2021.

We also likeHigh level of customization in all device configurations. Simple setup. The ability to switch between vacuuming and mopping on the fly. The average noise volume never exceeds that of a hair dryer. Compatibility with Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa. Very small and minimalist charging base.We don’t like it eitherSlow charge (more than 2 hours). Its own height is somewhat high.

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