What do Roblox and Donald Trump have to do with it? Until a few hours ago the answer would be nothing at all. However, in the shadow (increasingly elongated) of the November presidential elections in the US, it seems that from now on the online gaming platform and the president and candidate for reelection will share pages of their biographies.

And it is that Bleeping Computer reports that it is occurring a campaign to hack Roblox accounts, whose main objective is to put them at the service of Trump’s electoral campaign. Something that, in the first instance, is somewhat surprising, since although it is used by people of all ages, Roblox attracts more young children between 9 and 14 years of age, as we already told you when the service officially arrived in Spain.

The attack, which technically speaking it is not remarkable, is based on looking for accounts with weak passwords to access them, editing the player’s profile and in the section about writing «Ask your parents to vote for Trump this year! # MAGA2020 ». Additionally, attackers also download two player avatar customization items, both related to the campaign, and equip the Roblox player profile with them.

The first is a red cap with white text that represents the already well-known MAGA cap (Make America Great Again) commonly used by Trump supporters. The second item is a patriotic “American Eagle” t-shirt containing a bald eagle and an American flag. It is a common kit among the followers of the President, which we will see again in the coming months on a recurring basis. I admit, yes, that I did not expect to find her on Roblox.

It should be noted that the attackers have not carried out additional actions on the hacked Roblox accounts, they have not changed passwords or associated email accounts, so the affected users will only have to access their accounts and change the current password by a safer way to fix the problem and enable two-step authentication. Oh, and restore your profiles to their original state, of course.

I am very surprised by the choice of Roblox to carry out such an action. Just a few days ago we were talking about a hacktivism action in the opposite direction (criticism of Trump) on TikTok, a platform used by a very young audience (the age segment between 13 and 24 represents 69% of its users according to data Hootsuite) and now we talk about a game whose majority of users move between 9 and 14 years. I am afraid that a few unbearable months of campaign await us, and I only hope that we will not try to involve 9-year-olds again …