Robin Williams, 6 years without the genius that made you cry and laugh, we remember 10 of his films | AP

There is no better tribute for a great star than to remember his great trajectory, and so it has been for six years that the actor Robin williams leave this world, today, we remember 10 of his most successful films and loved by several generations.

After a career in which he snatched up laughter and tears in bulk with his great quality as an actor, the actor Robin williams decided to leave this world on August 11, 2014.

Robin Williams made us laugh and cry in several of his films. AP

The news shocked everyone, one of the great guys who filled the afternoons with some of their funny or sad stories had left.

However, Mrs. Doubtfire, As well as many of his other characters continues in the memory of all, so we share with you 10 of his films that you have surely seen countless times.

1. Dad forever

For many this film appeared when they were still very young, however that did not exempt it from making it one of their favorites. Williams brings to life a man who seems not to take life too seriously until his wife demands a divorce.

However, with disagreements over the separation, etc, he does not easily resign himself to being away from his children so he puts together a plan and that is to become the lady Doubtfire, for such a feat must get under the skin of a lady from between 70 to 80 years, an English nanny who will come into the lives of her children would be and disciplined who will care for them with love and lots of laughter, while trying to rebuild her life as a free man.

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2.- Jumanji

Jumanji is the combination between Tarzan and the Twilight Zone. Two children and two adults are involved in a cursed board game, where in a moment he leads them to play it in a real way, in the middle of the various dangers that being in a jungle can have.

Without being able to return, he will have three fundamental missions: to return the world to normal, to win back the girl of his dreams and stop looking like a caveman.

3. Flubber

The substance that a mad scientist wonderfully interpreted by Williams develops in a surreal laboratory, the result, a strange transparent green mass that resembles the so-called « mucus of King kong that they sold you at school, which is capable of all kinds of disasters.

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4. Aladdin

You would never have guessed that the voice of the genius from the acclaimed film was the genius owner of the wonderful lamp of Aladdin, which helped him to conquer the rebellious Jasmine, daughter of the sultan.

The boys of Disney put all their care in the character of the genius, same as Williams, with his voice and all his matices, it also made it one of the most successful sequences in children’s cinema.

5. The Society of Dead Poets

If there is a more inspiring movie that was « The death poet Society« If you ever saw her, phrases like » Carpe Diem « and » Oh captain, my captain!  » They will sound very familiar to you, they took on great value after the premiere of one of the best films by this great acting genius.

Robbin Williams played the professorJohn keating, an expert in poetry who the last thing he wants is illustrated students without more. So he creates a secret society in which some of his students show that they can be more than that.

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6. Portraits of an obsession

Considered the most impressive performance of Williams. Subtle, powerful, intriguing and disturbing among some qualifiers, the actor played Seymour Parrish, a helpless but sinister clerk at a photo-developing shop obsessed with the image of a « seemingly perfect family. »

7. Patch Adams

With his character, patch Adams, (Williams) the indomitable medical student changed the concept of therapy forever, and what earned the film a resounding success.

Unforgettable the dropper « clown nose » that marked a milestone and a must in any group of film medical histories.

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8. Hook, the return of Captain Hook

Dressed in green leggings, flying through the air and facing one of the most feared captains in « Neverland », « Captain Hook« Without a doubt he was given a high honor as a star, in this film, the actor had to bring out the inner child that he carried inside, that when imagining it from William we suspect that it would not have been a big problem.

9. Jack

The story of the eternal elementary school boy who embarks on the adventure of love, as in most of history, the protagonist is the teacher, however, it is not just JLO and the boy looks like a man from 40 years.

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10. Popeye

Few would have suspected that before reaching the peak of his career Williams gave life to a very peculiar character, in series like « Happy Days » until his opportunity to lend his voice to the most famous strongman arrived: The Popeye Rock.