The former Swedish tennis player Robin Söderling It was in the news again today. The current Davis Cup captain confessed on the public radio station “Radio of Sweden” that he went on the internet to search for different ways to commit suicide, before his mononucleosis disease became official, causing him to officially retire from tennis.

-The 2009 Roland Garros runner-up confessed to thinking about suicide before his illness was diagnosed:

“I was very anxious and I did not feel well at all. I would sit at home and look around me and understand nothing. The slightest noise generated a lot of panic. From listening as a letter fell on my doormat until when the phone rang Everything made me very scared and I came to search the Internet for numerous ways to commit suicide, “he said in statements collected by ..

-A lot of pressure every time you played a tennis match:

“Since 2009 I started to reap many successes and that generated a lot of pressure. There came a time when I thought that there were only three players with whom I could lose. Before the rest of the tennis players I had to beat them and if I didn’t I felt like a loser or a failure. I was in a black hole where I had a hard time getting out. “

-Bigger difficulties in your time as a professional player:

“There came a time when I panicked and started crying non-stop. I would arrive at the hotel and throw myself into bed and I couldn’t stop crying. Every time I thought that the next day I had to go out on the track, it generated a lot of Panic. As much as I told myself I had to keep going, that pressure was taking over me and preventing me from progressing as a tennis player and as a person. I couldn’t even if they put a gun to my temple. “

-The mental aspect is one of the most important aspects in tennis:

“It is very rare to talk about the psychic problems that great athletes have in sports and this is why I wanted to take a step forward and tell about it. To those who dedicate themselves to sport and their entire environment I tell them to train hard and take it very easy. From here I tell them to play sports because they feel comfortable doing it and not because of pressure. If you are succeeding, try to keep the perspective and try not to be affected much. If you succeed, everything will be fine Soderling concluded.