Brook López He’s been very active on social media in recent days. Since he came with Milwaukee Bucks His hotel within the Walt Disney World complex has continued to show his joy at living a dream.

On the one hand, he is about to fight alongside his brother Brook López some of the most special playoffs in which the Bucks start as favorites and, on the other hand, he is in a place that he loves. And it is that Brook has a house owned by Disney and the two brothers have visited the Orlando resort and others of Disney all over the world for years. So, being focused on the park now loves:

« This is kind of surreal. I never thought I could see these two worlds together. I think the things that are going to happen from now on are going to be very interesting. »

As for sports, López is delighted to be able to return: « I am enjoying it a lot. It is nice to be back on the track. »

Robin has always been characterized by playing with pets during NBA games, something that he will not be able to do now because for security reasons there will be no return. But it seems that he does not care, since in Disney of pets they are left over:

« It would be wonderful to have the Disney characters around us during games. It’s something kids would love. »