Roberto Puck Miranda, father of Christian Chávez in Rebelde, loses his life

Roberto Puck Miranda, father of Christian Chávez in Rebelde (INSTAGRAM) loses his life

Roberto Puck Miranda, father of Christian Chávez, lost his life in Rebelde | INSTAGRAM

The actor and also theater director Roberto López Puck Miranda who incidentally also played Cristian Chávez’s father in the famous Mexican soap opera Rebelde lost his life on Friday for reasons that are still unknown.

It was the association of walkers those in charge of giving the terrible news on their social networks where the actress and singer Alejandra Ávalos was also in charge of expressing some words.

The tweet from “Andactores” reads as follows: “@andactores deeply regrets the f @ llection of our colleague Roberto López Miranda” Puck Miranda “, which occurred today. Our condolences to your family and friends. D.E.P. “

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While the words of his acting partner They say: “Acting partner of @JoseJoseOficial and me in the film Forgive me everything. My condolences to family and friends”, we could read on his twitter account.

Puck Miranda began his artistic career since 1983 participating in the so-called Mexican ficheras cinema with Las Models de D3snudos, starring Andrés García and Sasha Montenegro, and later being in Las Perfumadas with Alberto Rojas.

He participated in various filmographies and film versions of works from the 80s, as well as in the television series directed by Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo.

He participated as director of the Candilejas theater company, in which his students remember Puck Miranda as someone very pleasant to live with and someone from whom they learned a lot.

The nickname “Puck” was inspired by the play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare, specifically of an imaginary character, the forest elf.

In the famous telenovela “Rebelde” he was in charge of interpreting Cosme Méndez, who is the father of Giovanni Méndez, a very beloved character played by Christian Chávez.

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So far there are not many reactions about it on social networks but the Mexican acting and entertainment medium is in mourning, in fact there was another loss very recently, so it is being very constant and this type of news is not pleasant at all.

He also participated in La Chilindrina en disturos, Complices al salvage, Las verduleras del amor and Dos Policia con Suerte, part of the more than 40 productions in which he was participating.

It should be remembered that days ago another comedian and actor lost his life, the renowned actor Luis Miguel Hernández, who was in charge of playing Agapito Melo Aguirre in the program Cero en Conducta, lost his life at age 48.

The news was confirmed on November 13, 2020 by the drivers of the morning Hoy, as well as the producer Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo, with whom he got along wonderfully:

“The Ortiz de Pinedo family regrets the sensitive death of their friend and colleague Luis Miguel Hernández Sánchez” Agapito “RIP”, wrote the producer of Cero en Conducta y La Escuelita.

Hernández has not had television appearances for a long time, but he was active on his YouTube channel with the Agapito Show, which he last broadcast on October 30, unfortunately being his last piece of entertainment.

May these television greats who have accompanied us for many years rest in peace.