Roberto Palazuelos partners with Vicente Fox to sell cannabis products

Roberto Palazuelos He is now a partner of the former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox, and the businessman Marcus Dantus, since they will share businesses related to the cannabis industry.

This was announced by the Mexican actor through Instagram where revealed that it acquired capital stock of the Paradise company dedicated to the sale of marijuana-related products.

“I tell you that I acquired the capital stock of the Paradise company that is dedicated to the Marijuana business. I am formally a partner of former President Vicente Fox and businessman Marcus Dantus. I am excited about this new company in which I am sure we will go far ”, explained Palazuelos under his publication.

The alliance would have been made on June 4, when the former Mexican president received Palazuelos at his San Cristóbal farm, located in Guanajuato, Mexico.

Always with the vision of finding the best business to start, both Palazuelos and Fox know that this item has been of great growth in recent decades, mainly in the United States, although it should be mentioned that at the moment they do not contemplate dedicating themselves to the cultivation of the plant.

For some years now, Vicente has dedicated a great deal of effort to developing, business-speaking, his vision of the use of marijuana and its derivatives, as well as the effort he has put into legalizing it for different medical and recreational purposes.

As for ‘El Diamante Negro’, famous Mexican actor, lawyer and entrepreneur, he wastes no time at all, since if it is not in acting, it is in business, but from the fact that it generates money, it generates it.

Paradise is a company focused on the areas of health, fun and well-being through legal marijuana products among which are: beauty products, food, proteins, fibers, seeds for salads, smoothies and cannabidiol oil.

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