Roberto Palazuelos had never done it: “A village bathroom”

Roberto Palazuelos had never done it: “A village bathroom” | INSTAGRAM

The famous Roberto Palazuelos has always been very popular and well known for his way of living a life full of luxuries and riches, so there are many things that he has not done in his renowned life as “Mirrey”.

This is why today it can be said that there was a “village bathroom” which refers to when a person from a high social class visits a humble town or neighborhood to live with people from a lower social class.

This happened on the night show with Yordi in which Yordi Pink invited a drink to the famous that he had never seen or tasted before, that’s right, it’s about a soda in a bag.

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Of course this drink is very popular throughout Mexico and more than one of us had tried it before without saying that we are low class, however, something is real Roberto Palazuelos had not even seen that presentation of the drink.

In fact, the moment he observed the bag he wondered what was happening and why they gave him his drink in this way, besides that he suspected that he had alcohol or LSD, as a joke of course.

However, he held it very carefully and decided try itHowever, he wondered aloud if “there is no ticket in Yordi’s production?”, asking his team to write them a check so that they can increase their budget and not give drinks in this way.

Although of course he said this as a joke, he never saw a bad intention but his Mirrey personality came out and nor how to fight it.

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Roberto comments that when he invites Yordi to his private jet, he is also going to give them a bag of champagne taking a village bath, as we have already mentioned.

He also said that he will use biodegradable bags because you have to be careful with plastic and the environment that has been strongly affected in recent years.

In this program Roberto Palazuelos also confessed that he had a very uncomfortable moment in bed with one of the actresses he was working with, because he could not control himself: “It was a long scene, so I was like this with her… then it feels like… and now I couldn’t control it, so I said to myself, ‘I’m not going to tell you Palazuelos anymore,’ I said, ‘then how are you going to tell me?’; ‘Palazo’ told me ”, of course he did not reveal when it happened or who it was, because this could lead to misinterpretations or gossip, he wanted to take care of identities.

He also brought Yordi a robe as a gift “to make him look good pimp” as he says and also revealed that his brand is having a lot of success and showed some of his most popular products.

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