Roberto Palazuelos explodes against Luis Miguel: We will be enemies | Instagram

The actor Roberto Palazuelos once again evidenced the quarrels that he has had with the singer for several years Luis Miguel and launches a powerful message.

Best known as “Black diamond“he hinted during an interview in” Ventaneando “in July 2018 that he cannot see the artist in painting Luis Miguel who were once friends many years ago.

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This was revealed after the bioseries that portray the life of the so-called “Sun of Mexico” were launched, Luis Miguel.

It should be remembered that the actor and singer Luis Miguel They were friends at a time of their youth, however, all love fell apart after the launch of the artist series.

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The Mexican businessman lost his temper during the interview as he also claimed to feel attacked for the production in which he was only being discredited and staining his public image.

There were many lies, one is that they put me to insult a person so dear to Mexico (Luis Miguel) and to tell him all those things, because I never told them from the start, “said the man from Acapulco.

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However the actor He was greatly bothered by the way he was portrayed in the series singer, same that in social networks was the target of strong criticism

All my life I have spoken well of him, what does he want? Throw me out of the enemy? He is going to throw out the worst enemy of his life. If you don’t give me a public apology, you will be my enemy, “said the histrion.

Likewise, Palazuelos He noted that he could even sue him if the apology on his part will not come as the singer and producers used his image and they slandered, however, he reiterated that he would not.

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The following link shows the interview made to the actor at that time, in it he exposes data that according to him do not agree in real life since they supposedly involve him in a series of situations in which he assures he was not even present.