Roberto Navarro kicked Horacio Verbitsky off the radio: “What he did is immoral”


Journalist Roberto Navarro announced this Friday through social networks that Horacio Verbitsky “will no longer continue with his columns” on the radio The uncovering.

The dismissal came after it emerged that both he and other officials and politicians linked to the ruling party received the Sputnik V vaccine at the Ministry of Health despite not belonging to the priority groups.

“It is an immorality that with 50 thousand deaths, VIPs have been vaccinated. It is immoral who authorized it and who was vaccinated”, Published Navarro. And he also added that “here there are no innocents, and some operetta behind will surely be.”

“You remember that a few months ago I said that I preferred to wait a few months before getting vaccinated and see what side effects there could be. I wasn’t in a hurry, I wasn’t going to rush to vaccinate. Well, yesterday I got vaccinated”, Verbitsky had revealed this morning in the program There will be Consequences, hosted by Ariel Lijalad, where he is a columnist and frequently goes out on the phone.

Lijalad himself also expressed on social networks his rejection of “any type of favoritism and privileges linked to vaccination against the coronavirus.” “It is not fair, it is not worthy, it has no justification,” he said.. The journalist apologized for not having said anything “at the time” and attributed the fault to the “vertigo of the live program.”

Ginés González García and Alberto Fernández Ginés González García and Alberto Fernández

After the scandal unleashed by the news, President Alberto Fernández summoned the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero, to his office to ask him to communicate with González García and ask him demanded resignation.

From the Center for Legal and Social Studies (CELS), chaired by Verbitsky, also expressed their anger. “We received the news that the president of our organization was vaccinated outside the established system, through a chain of favors and in a personal capacity, while we were trying, like everyone else, to get a turn for the elderly in our families, ”they stated in a statement.

“As an organization committed to human rights and to the urgencies of the current social situation, we consider that the only solutions to the pandemic are collective responsibility and commitment to the stages of the vaccination system at the federal level,” they added.


And they concluded: “The CELS team of workers rejects this or any other action or privilege that goes in another direction. Nothing that happened represents the work and thinking of those of us who integrate and do the organization in its day to day”.

Verbitsky had reported that when he decided to get vaccinated, he “began to find out” how to do it and called his “old friend Ginés González García.” According to his version, the minister told him that he had to go to the Posadas Hospital. However, he later received a call from the Ginés secretary who informed him to go to the Ministry of Health to be inoculated by a team of vaccinators who operated in one of the offices.

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