The elderly woman was discharged from the hospital and will continue her recovery at home

Roberto Carlos, the exlateral of the Real Madrid and the verdeamarela team You must be celebrating that your paternal grandmother is recovering successfully from the coronavirus in Brazil.

The father of the former footballer, Oscar Pereira da Silva, 70, told local media that his mother managed to recover from COVID-19 after spending thirty days in hospital in a hospital in the city of Limeira, in Sao Paulo.

The impressive thing about the case is the advanced age of Dona Gismalia dos Santos da Silva, since this 2020 turned 100 and managed to beat the virus

After testing negative for COVID-19, he was able to leave the hospital and now he will continue his recovery with respiratory assistance in the city of Cordeirópolis, where it lies.

Pereira da Silva said that his mother’s symptomatic evolution was very rapid, “from one day to the next”, and despite her advanced age and the need for oxygen, the ex-footballer’s grandmother He did not need intubation or went through the intensive care unit (ICU) during his hospitalization.

It is expected that in the coming days, Roberto Carlos, the famous grandson of Doña Gismalia, will share his joy in the media or through social networks.