The Sun Rises: Roberto Carlo may have his days numbered within the program | INSTAGRAM

It is speculated that the morning show host might lose his place upon returning from confinement for testing positive for the virus.

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Roberto Carlo, the 29-year-old driver, could be spending the last days as such of the morning television program « Sale el Sol », as reported by an entertainment journalist in his well-known column, where he also explained that his departure was due to uprisings he has had towards his superiors.

It should be remembered that, for a few days, the driver has not appeared in the aforementioned entertainment program because he tested positive for the C0vid-19 situation, which has kept him compulsory, for his health and that of his colleagues, confined within your home.

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And according to the journalist’s data, he explains in his column that it is planned that Roberto Carlo return to the program to have the possibility of saying goodbye to his colleagues and the broadcast, likewise, he commented that he will do so referring to the cycles They finish and that yours in the morning of television has come to an end.

Although it is speculated that the sudden departure from the program of Roberto Carlo, may be, according to the journalist, to make some comments contrary to those of his immediate bosses, something that did not seem to them, since everything seems to indicate that it is a fairly usual behavior in him .

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On the other hand, it is known that said driver lives in love one of his best moments, because just on Pride Day he gave the ring to his today fiancé, Rubén Kuri, with whom he will marry after staying in 2 years of relationship.

It is worth mentioning that, in the same way, the same journalist, in the same column, mentioned that the also host Gustavo Adolfo will definitely leave the program from Friday, July 31, however, about this character he has not mentioned anything in particular, no specific detail or reason, only gave notice that it will stop broadcasting the program.

To finish, it is necessary to comment that it is rumored that, for both drivers, there are already replacements on the set, this means that the empty places will not stay a single day, now it only remains to wait to know who we will see in their places.