How to bear the pressure? How to adapt to being confined for so long? What do you think of the Relief Fund? These and other different topics have been valued by Roberto Bautista in a talk for ‘ESPN’ with Jose Luis Clerc. The tennis player from Castellón, who is in one of his best professional moments, affirms that he had no problems adapting to a more home-like life, as well as nuances his ideas about the plan devised by Djokovic to help other tennis players.

– About life in quarantine, far from the circuit.

“The truth is that it was not difficult for me to adapt. There have been many years of traveling, of many tournaments, of much mental and physical demand, and having been able to stop has been very good for me, I enjoy being at home, with my family, with my animals, so it has helped me to rest, although it is true that I miss the competition. “

– Your opinion on the Relief Fund, the plan promoted by Djokovic.

“There will be many players from 250 to 800 who will really need that help, and many of those also who no longer see themselves without options to be professionals. Maybe it would have served with help for the younger ones. For example, a top- Maybe the 28-year-old 500 doesn’t need the same push or the same help as an 18-year-old boy who is a top-500. Helping is important and it is sure that many of them will have served them. “

– Roberto has preferred to stay on the sidelines about these aids to other tennis players.

“I personally have stayed on the sidelines, I am not in the Player Council, I think Roger, Rafa and Novak, the Council and the ATP, have more information than I do, they know how the budgets are, knowing that all that is helping is positive”.

– On how the ‘Big3’ have shaped a stage of constant improvement in others.

“They are three world phenomena. They are among the best of all time. We tennis players are lucky to be able to live with them, they have taken it and pushed us all to improve. I personally now enjoy more than before, I now enjoy training, and that has been key in my career “.

-Manage the pressure, constant learning. How does Roberto do it?

“That is the most complicated and that I have been able to work the most, with experience, it is what I have improved the most. I try to think about the present and play the important points with my best weapons, trying to do what I know how to do best.”