The Spanish tennis player Roberto Bautista He gave an interview to the official ATP website, where he talked about all the news that surrounds him and more specifically how this wait has been before the return of tennis, which will take place next week with the dispute of the Masters 1000 in Cincinnati. The Castellón confessed that this long tennis break especially harms the most veteran players of the circuit, who know that they are in the final stretch of their sports career.

-Very long pre-season compared to previous years:

“It has been a somewhat strange preseason because it has lasted longer than usual. A preseason under normal conditions usually lasts three or four weeks which makes them more intense than usual. With the confinement, we have had a little more than three months preseason and we had time to train, rest and wait as the situation in tennis evolved. “

-Aspects to improve in tennis:

“We have been able to work on the net game and I have tried to improve in the physical aspect. The work on the court is similar to what I always do with the main difference that here I did not prepare myself knowing that in the following days I had to participate in a tournament I think that like the rest of the players, this break has been used to improve his tennis. “

-How has your preparation been during these months:

“I have been able to train in Castellón, but I have also been able to do it in other parts of Spain such as Alicante, Valencia or at the Juan Carlos Ferrero Academy in Villena. I have been training on clay all the time and it was this week when I have decided to start preparing on the hard court in order to play Cincinnati and the US Open. During all this time I have trained with players like Carreño, Alcaraz, De Miñaur, Andújar, Munar or Taberner, among others. They are players of a very high level with the ones that I am being able to complete demanding workouts “.

-Return to the official competition in Cincinnati:

“I really want to go back to competition after so many training sessions. I feel like the wait is getting very long. What you want is to get back to competition as soon as possible and that’s what I’m doing.”

-Who is hurt by this tennis break?

“For the most veteran, spending so much time without playing does not help us, because we have less time left in our professional career. We have spent almost a year without being able to play. In the end I think that the best players on the circuit will be back up as always and each one will have to fight to the maximum to return to the position that they truly deserve or even achieve their best position in the ranking, “he concluded.