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Warner is not limited to exploiting one of his most popular characters on the big screen. Waiting to see Robert Pattinson in the shoes of Batman in the movie due to be released in October 2021, the company has commissioned a series set in that same universe, which can be seen through the HBO Max streaming platform.

Robert Pattinson as Batman

The promising project will take place in Gotham exposed by filmmaker Matt Reves in the next film. « It will be constructed from examination of the film’s Gotham City corruption anatomy, launching a new Batman universe across different platforms, « HBO Max points out through a statement, in which they define the series as an » unprecedented opportunity to extend the world established in the film and further explore Gotham’s engaging and complex characters« 

Along with Reeves, who will participate in the production of the series as a result of his agreement with Warner Bros. Television, The prestigious screenwriter Terence Winter will work, creator of ‘Boardwalk Empire’ out of the quarry of ‘The Sopranos’, who was nominated for an Oscar for writing the script for « The Wolf of Wall Street ». For the moment, It has not been revealed if the series will be starred by a character from the movie, which will feature a wide assortment of DC villains and mythical heroes.