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Robert Pattinson has become one of Hollywood’s most respected actors, all thanks to his talent and compelling presence in several of the industry’s biggest productions. This May 13 he turns 35 years old and his fans are celebrating it with abundant congratulations on social networks. Maybe in the past things weren’t very good for RobBut over time he has proven to be an absolutely capable actor, worthy of all the ovations that preceded him and the fame that surrounds him.

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He jumped into the sight of the world with his appearances in films such as Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix – 79% or Little ashesHowever, he became the favorite of millions of teenagers thanks to the Twilight saga – 48% in which he plays Edward Cullen. Those tapes put an enormous weight on his shoulders and gave him a reputation that he did not agree with. For many years, he carried the stigma of the shiny-skinned vampire, but he did not give up when looking for new roles and escaping the prejudices into which he had fallen due to his stigmatized performance with Kristen Stewart.

Robert Pattinson left behind the bad reviews thanks to films like Water for Elephants – 60%, High Life – 73%, The King – 70%, The Lighthouse – 96% or Tenet – 83% and is now widely respected in Hollywood. Although from time to time he provokes the public with sporadic controversial statements, his millions of followers defend him tooth and nail. So far we have not seen him win at the big awards in the United States, but perhaps the future will bring much better things for him.

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But Robert Pattinson will arrive soon with a new project linked to superhero cinema. The good reputation of the protector of Gotham City on the big screen, his deep and well-told stories, is what called Robert to take the starring role in The Batman. When the actor was announced as the new incarnation of the Wayne heir, not all fans agreed with the decision. The protests against him were due to his record in the saga Twilight, often condemned by many comic book fans. Fortunately, Pattinson he has shown us with his interventions in more recent films that he has become an actor of great abilities.

The batman It is directed by Matt Reeves, a filmmaker who aims to restore Batman to his great detective talent, a trait highly prominent in the comics but forgotten in the movies. After numerous inconveniences caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the film will hit theaters on March 4, 2022; Boy that will be a long wait until the big premiere. Will he be able to redeem Warner Bros. ‘plentiful recent mistakes regarding DC’s heroes at Warner? Fans are not losing hope that this Batman has the potential for a long-running story on the big screen.

Here we present a series of tweets that celebrate the 35th birthday of Robert Pattinson.

Happy Birthday Robert Pattinson. You live in my mind always for this photo

It’s already May 13, which means … Happy 35th birthday to this incredibly inspiring Triple Taurus who has such a golden heart and so many talents! I wish you all the best and all the love in the world, today and always.

From starting out working on mediocre content to exploring his rank as an excellent actor in incredible movies, I can’t wait to see his version of my all-time favorite character.

Happy birthday Rob. You are one of the most charismatic and extremely hardworking actors in the world !! We love you.

It’s already May 13th on this side of the world, so HAPPY 35TH BIRTHDAY, ROBERT DOUGLAS THOMAS PATTINSON! We knew it would happen, but we’re still amazed to see you turn into this phenomenal actor. Keep chasing your dreams, we are always behind you.

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