Robert Martínez reveals the advantage of one of the teams that makes him a favorite

06/11/2021 at 11:47 AM CEST

The Belgian coach was interviewed in El Larguero de Onda Cero, to analyze everything that the Eurocup can give, which begins this Friday with Italy against Turkey at the Olympic in Rome. His national team is called to be one of those who will fight until the end to be crowned the new champion of the continent, but for Robert Martínez, the favorite is England.

When asked who he thought had more options, Balaguer’s surprised with the reason that placed the English as contenders for the title: “If you talk about favorites, you can only talk about one. I think it is clearly England because of the fact that they can play 6 of the 7 home games.“.

He also stated that although France has a lot of potential, being grouped with Germany, Portugal and Hungary, it can greatly complicate their aspirations. “It can be a great difficulty. Finishing third in this group can give you a very difficult path“.

He stressed that all selections have to be ‘chameleonic’ to adapt to the different phases of the championship.

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