Robert Englund, the original Freddy Krueger to join Stranger Things

Actor Robert Englund can well be identified as one of the icons of the 1980s. His role as Freddy Krueger in the original A Nightmare on Hell Street, undoubtedly make him an ideal candidate for the Stranger Things series. Fortunately, the fanservice is the order of the day since it has been confirmed that the actor will join the cast of the series along with many new additions that are also interesting.

In addition to Englund, among the names of the new hires (via) are audiovisual stars such as Harry Potter or Sweeney Todd, the Game of Thrones series or the recent Booksmart. We do not refer of course to Jamie Campbell Bower, Tom Wlaschiha and Eduardo Franco respectively.

Campbell Bower will play Peter Ballard, a caring orderly in a mental hospital who is tired of witnessing the various acts of brutality that occur in the place. Precisely there will also be the legendary Rober Englund, as one of the hospital patients; an alleged convict who committed heinous murders during the 1950s.

For his part Tom wlaschiha, who we met as Jaqen H’ghar on Game of Thrones, here will be a Russian jailer who will befriend our beloved Hopper. Recall that the character of David Harbor, supposedly died at the end of the third season, but a teaser released in March surprised us with a revelation: the character is still alive and for some reason is in Russia.

Eduardo Franco will play Argyle, a pizza delivery man who likes to get high recreationally and peacefully and who turns out to be Jonathan’s new best friend.

Other new additions are Joseph quinn (Catherine the Great) who will be Eddie Mudson, a daring metalhead who is in charge of running the Hell Fire Club. It is about a character hated and misunderstood by some, but loved by others. Mudson will be right at the center of this season’s new mystery.

A stubborn military man played by Sherman Augustus (Into the Badlands), Colonel Sullivan, who thinks he knows what the solution is to stop the mysterious events in town. Too Mason Dye (Bosch) will be Jason Carver, a new popular heartthrob of the school who believes he has everything within reach until suddenly the new events of Hawkins lead him to rethink everything.

Stranger Things Freddy Krueger Robert Englund

Finally the new additions to the Stranger Things family complete it Nikola Djuricko (Genius), a sarcastic Russian prankster who works mostly as a smuggler in the prison where Hopper will be.

The series, like almost all of them, was delayed during the pandemic. The first teaser for it arrived at the beginning of the year, but soon the production stopped due to the growing wave of infections around the world. However, since last month the team returned to work so it is likely that the fourth season will arrive during the following year.

Stranger Things, with its new touch a la Freddy Krueger, will once again be in charge of the Duffer Brothers, with the original cast back and new episodes (still without exact number) that will reach the leader of all streaming platforms.

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