It seems that, in times of pandemic, not even the most successful celebrities in Hollywood can be saved from the economic crisis. Or at least That is the case of Robert De Niro, who said he was bankrupt..

According to the Page Six portal, De Niro He spoke publicly about his losses in court where Grace Hightower, his ex-wife, required an emergency order to try to increase his American Express’ monthly line of credit. Apparently, she wanted to increase the amount that she already had, from 50 thousand dollars (1 million 125 thousand pesos, approx.) To $ 100,000 dollars (2 million 250 thousand pesos).

As if this were not enough, it is known that, with the activities of the entertainment industry on hiatus, the histrion of The Irishman has not had a lot of income, since his earnings for his participation in the most recent Martin Scorsese epic are about to end of being paid. Also, a project in which De Niro would participate, named Oklahoma, stopped his filming due to the situation that has been experienced by the health emergency.

Although the income of the protagonist of Taxi Driver not only comes from his forays into the audiovisual field, the truth is that what he perceives from his other monetary source has also been diminished. The Oscar winner is also a member of the Greenwich Hotel, in Tribeca and the Nobu restaurant chain, but these establishments have been closed in recent months.

With all this, it can be concluded that, in the remainder of 2020 and 2021, you will only earn around $ 2.5 MDD.

Even with these accounts, it seems that Hightower is not so convinced of the austerity of his former spouse, since the statements of his lawyer, Kevin McDonough, hint that both have suspicions that the situation of the actor is even true. Based on this disbelief, they support their idea that, currently, the also producer has an estimated fortune of $ 500 MDD, so they are willing to fight in half. This was what he said:

« The idea that Mister De Niro is tightening his belt doesn’t make sense. »

Certainly a difficult situation for Bob, who -on an ironic stage- would be preparing to appear in a movie about the pandemic that is affecting him.

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