Robert De Niro is injured on the set of Scorsese’s ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’

A few days after the first image of ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ was released, the news arrives that the actor Robert De Niro returns to his home in New York due to an incident that occurred outside of filming time. According to TMZ, the accident has caused several injuries to his leg, although the severity level is unknown.

Robert De Niro at the British Academy Film Awards </p>
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<p>The 77-year-old actor was in Oklahoma, the location of the filming, when he had an off-set incident. <b>The actor is believed to have caught a flight Thursday night and will see a doctor today.</b>.  Although our concerns are set (leaving aside the actor’s health) on whether the filming will be delayed, the truth is that sources indicate that <b>De Niro planned to take a few weeks off as well.</b> Since the nature of the injuries is not known, it is not known when he will return to filming, although it is possible that all the images of the actor have already been shot. </p>
<p>Scorsese’s first western </p>
<p>The adaptation of David Grann’s book is taking place in Pawhuska, where the 1920s were produced. <b>brutal crimes known as the “Reign of Terror” against the Osage tribe</b>.  Martin Scorsese said he was very excited to be able to shoot in the cradle of events:</p>
<p>“Being able to tell this story in the land where these events occurred is incredibly important and critical to being able to portray an accurate description of time and people. We are excited to start working with our local cast and crew to bring this story to life in screen and immortalize a moment in American history that shouldn’t be forgotten. “</p>
<p>As we already announced, the film does not have a release date yet, but it is expected to arrive on the Apple platform <b>this 2021</b>.</p>
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