Arjen Robben opened up in an interview with Socrates magazine and recognized his admiration for Pep Guardiola, the coach with whom he coincided for three seasons, from 2013 to 2016. Another former Barça coach was key in his career. His compatriot Louis van Gaal recruited him for the Munich club from Real Madrid.


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Robben, who retired from soccer practice last summer at the age of 35, recalled his time at the Bavarian club when he arrived. Pep Guardiola. “I am a great admirer of his, I love soccer and especially offensive soccer and Pep is a master at it. He focused on attack and full control of the ball, the ball was included in every training session,” he recalled. He added: “Of course I especially liked it, we were on the same wavelength. It is a pity that we have never won the Champions League with him, but the injuries, suspensions or unfortunate decisions of the referee made it all end up in the semifinals every time. “

Arjen Robben considers that Santpedor was the one who made the most of his game, even in an unusual way. “I had just turned 30 when I came to Munich. I never would have thought it possible to achieve some things at that age. In anticipation, for example. I learned to read the game even better, to make decisions in the area: When is it better to shoot? When do I prefer to play? It made me more complete. For me, Pep is the best coach in the world. The three years he spent with him in Munich were extremely instructive, “he said.

Van Gaal’s call

It also marked a lot the career of Robben the experienced technician Louis van Gaal, from whom the winger recalled that “he brought me to Bayern in 2009 and I have always seen him as an outstanding coach who is very meticulous and attaches great importance to discipline. He makes sure that each of his players improves individually. He gave me a lot Trust. I don’t know if I would have come to Munich if he hadn’t been there, “Bedum’s acknowledged.

And is that Robben he was at Real Madrid of the ‘galacticos’ and the competition in his position every year was fiercer. Still, it wasn’t easy leaving the white club. “I was really happy there. The reason he was able to convince me to move to Munich was probably because Real signed one superstar after another. At the time, my only wish was to win the Champions League and Bayern was not one of the best clubs in Europe, but I took a risk and it was worth it ” RobbenHappy with your decision.