The countdown to competitive resumption in the NBA It advances inexorably, but it does so in a sea of ​​doubts due to the bad situation of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States. There are already many voices that warn of the increasingly real possibility that it will not be possible to compete, but the franchises are thoroughly preparing to arrive in the best possible way to Orlando and be prepared in case everything continues as planned. In this context, Robert Pelinka highlighted the favoritism of Los Angeles Lakers, arguing it in a peculiar way.

« We are not in a simple situation, we all have a lot of respect for the pandemic and my daughter sometimes starts crying thinking that she will be months without seeing me. Being away from the family and in an environment of tension for health security will be complicated, so the tournament will be a tough mental test for all players, « he said in words collected by ESPN. « A team like ours has all the ingredients to do well in this circumstance. They are very close, they have experience and great ambition, » said the General Manager of the Angelina franchise.

Questioned about the aspects to take care of more, the man behind the final signing of JR Smith to reinforce the template, is clear. « We are going to establish an important physical routine, but we will place special emphasis on the mental. We have professionals from the field of psychology in our team and we work to establish protocols in order to face extreme situations that could arise throughout the championship, such as anxiety or nostalgia being away from family. There will be many beautiful stories to come from living together in Orlando and our team, which has such a strong chemistry as I have rarely seen, is in an ideal position to fight for glory.  » assured Robert Pelinka.

06/30/2020 12:06

We discussed how it can influence Angelinos ring aspirations, the addition of JR Smith, and what role it will play.

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