There are few days left to celebrate Wrestlemania 36, the great event of the WWE, which will take place in the Performance center and without public, after the health situation by the Coronavirus affected the logistics of the event, which was originally going to take place in Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.

Although it changed its headquarters, the plans on the billboard remain, and one of the most anticipated moments for this edition of Wrestlemania will be the participation of Rob Gronkowski, former player of the New England Patriots and three times champion of Super bowl.

His NFL career prepared him to participate in one of the greatest events such as Wrestlemania, “Playing soccer in the NFL and being close to the best of the best has definitely prepared me for Wrestlemania. You can’t just go out on the field and expect to be ready to compete, you have to practice, train and know your plays. It is the same for Wrestlemania. I can’t wait to get out and jump off the top rope or cut a key, it’s all a matter of practice and that’s what I’ve taken from my time at the NFL“, Accepted in an interview for the World Wrestling Entertainment.

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It will not be the first time that the former player of the Patriots appear in WWE, in Wrestlemania 33 He had participation and remembers that it was one of the best moments of his sports career, “since my appearance in 2017, it has been crazy how many people mention that appearance wherever it is. Whether you’re here in the United States or in another country, fans always remember that. WWE is a global phenomenon and being part of the first two nights of Wrestlemania it’s really an honor. ”

Wrestlemania 36 It will be remembered for taking place on two nights and without an audience, due to the coronavirus pandemic that has alerted the entire world, so this event will be of utmost importance in order to amuse fans worldwide, “the fact of making it the first two-night Wrestlemania special makes it so much cooler. Coming here during these difficult times, when people around the world need entertainment more than ever, and having the opportunity to bring that to them is quite incredible. ”

“Gronk” has been a faithful follower of the company of Vince McMahon and accepted that from his childhood he admired superstars like Stone Cold Steve Austin already Triple H Y Shawn Michales in D-Generation X. In addition, he called Wrestlemania the Super Bowl of wrestling.