Rix. YouTuber reacts to Nath Campos’ sexual abuse accusation

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Mexico City / 22.01.2021 21:32:07

Rix reacted to allegations of sexual abuse by Nath Campos, who assured that the youtuber sexually assaulted her a few years ago when they went out to a club accompanied by other friends. The influencer turned to his social networks to give « his version » and stressed that he probably « does not have any credibility » after the singer’s statements.

« I was accused of sexual abuse and I want to give my version, that I know that perhaps I do not have any credibility to speak at the moment on the subject of believing in the victim, which in fact I support believing the victim, » he said.

Rix said that he and Nath Campos came to the club separately with their respective friends. According to the youtuber, each one was having fun « on their own » until they went to their apartment together.

« We went to a club a group of friends, each one arrived on their own, we drank, each one drank on their own and at some point Naty and I went to her apartment. The next day, we woke up neither she nor I remembered of what exactly happened at night. Despite that, Natalia and I continue to get along. The relationship changed a lot but we continued to get along for a while, « Rix said through his Instagram stories.

Later, the youtuber spoke of the meeting he had with Nath Campos in Las Vegas. He commented that he was intoxicated and made an inappropriate comment to the celebrity’s mother, which is why she stopped talking to him.

« As she tells in her video, on a trip to Las Vegas I was drunk and she was there with her mother. She and I were already getting along, I have conversations about when we were getting along, there are photos and stories, But as I mentioned, I said something very naco to his mother, I in a drunken state that is not a justification argument at all, « he mentioned

The youtuber assured that I understand the reasons why some will not believe his version. He also said that he understands people who make the decision to stop following him.

Rix’s girlfriend receives offenses

Youtuber Annita Shpak, Rix’s current girlfriend, also used her social networks to say that after Nath Campos’ publication, she was receiving offensive messages and comments. The also model, originally from Ukraine, said that she already knew « well » how things happened and asked to wait to hear her partner’s response.

« I met my boyfriend in 2015. I support many women but they shouldn’t offend me when I have nothing to do with it, » she wrote.