Rivian, and a partner, would be thinking about building a factory in the United Kingdom

The growth and evolution that Rivian is experiencing It reminds us a lot of the one Tesla lived. Both firms are engaged in the same, although the market segment in which they have started has nothing to do with it. Be that as it may, the market is eager to receive new proposals that stimulate the creativity and fury of manufacturers. Yes indeed, not everyone is prepared in the same way nor do they have the same support.

If Tesla has had to look for life almost alone (except for a small investment from Daimler AG and Toyota) the Rivian boys have had it easier. Above all, because Ford has put on the table (or rather in its checking account) several investments. The largest one reached 500 million dollars and served them to terminate the development of their electric base EV. Now, they are thinking about its manufacture and they would like to come to Europe.

The partner that would help Rivian to build the factory would be, nothing more and nothing less than, Amazon …

Amazon Rivian electric truck front

Amazon Rivian electric truck front

According to various sources, including Automotive News, Rivian would be in talks with the government of a European country to build a factory. Apparently it is United Kingdom, a country that struggles not to be displaced in the European automobile sector now that it no longer belongs to the European Union. But that’s not all, since the Yankee firm would have the support from a sponsor that would flatten things out for him, very much.

Its about e-commerce giant Amazon. If the sources are correct, this new manufacturing center would be located near the English city of Bristol. Of course, if the United Kingdom wants Rivian to set its eyes on its lands, they will have to make a strong economic investment. Everything points to which would approach $ 1.4 billion, that is, it would be around one billion British Pounds.

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Of course, that Rivian and the government of the United Kingdom are in talks does not ensure that the project will remain in the Anglo-Saxon country. This is because the American firm would also be evaluating other options, What Netherlands or Germany. Be that as it may, that a brand is interested in locating in a European country is very important, above all to offer jobs and help increase our competitiveness.

At the moment those responsible for the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) they have not wanted to make statements about it. They have simply indicated that they are seeking investments in the country for the growth of new industries. It will be necessary to see what happens with the project and if it reaches completion. We will be watching everything, because if confirmed it could open a war with the European Union.

Source – Automotive News – Sky News

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