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Little by little, teams participating in traditional sports are seeing esports as an interesting area of ​​investment. We saw this recently in Latin America, since River Plate, one of the most important soccer teams in this country, announced the creation of a new esports team.

Through a video he shared on social media, the River Plate communication team announced the founding of its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team. Not only that, since they confirmed that they already have an armed squad, which will be made up of the following players:

Guido « guidimon » Roman
Mariano “MRN1” Santa Maria
Thomas “Christopher” Navales
Ezequiel « KUN » Palmero
Ariel « arieldidi » Ramirez
Huguiz “Rew4z” Cáceres (coach)

You can see the presentation of the team below:

It is not the first time that River Plate enters gaming

Now, it is important to note that this is not the first time that River Plate has done a project related to esports. In fact, the historic Argentine soccer team already participates in other competitive gaming disciplines.

What we mean is that River Plate Gaming not only has this new team from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In fact, they also have squads participating in League of Legends and Pro Evolution Soccer.

Thus, the creation of this new team only represents the interest of the Millionaires to continue earning a place in the world of competitive gaming.

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