Rivaldo: «Messi will go to PSG»

The future of Leo Messi is increasingly away from Barcelona, or at least that’s how you see it Rivaldo. The Barça legend and one of the great names in football history assures that Tuesday could have been the Argentine’s last game in the Champions League at the Camp Nou. «This thrashing against the PSG It will in almost all probability be Messi’s last match in the Champions League with Barcelona at the Camp Nou, ”he said in an interview with Betfair.

This is how resounding the Betfair ambassador was, who assures that “the Barcelona can not give to Messi the real possibility of fighting for any major title. Your future will be the PSG, even more seeing its exhibition at the Camp Nou. It is a team that can give you the option of continuing to win titles. The Argentine ends his contract at the end of the season and from Paris they do not stop sending him messages to sign for the French champion next season.

Nevertheless, Rivaldo, takes responsibility away from Barça’s crack, especially after the club sold Suárez to Atlético last summer: «Messi he is in his thirties still assuming the responsibility of the team. And to top it all, this season he has seen how his best teammate, Luis Suárez, has left in an incomprehensible sale that has served to make Atlético de Madrid stronger than ever. Suárez is now the current Pichichi… ».

There are those who accuse Koeman of the bad moment of Barcelona, but the Brazilian assures that the coach is not the culprit because “he has no squad” and believes that he was right by putting Piqué at the start: “I read criticism of Koeman for putting Piqué on. But how could he not put it, if he doesn’t have good players to fill that position. Normal that he put Piqué on immediately, even if he hasn’t reached his competitive level ». «This only shows that Barcelona has no squad. Does not have it. You can’t rotate when the best aren’t there. The opposite happens to PSG, that he played without Neymar and Di María and nevertheless they got a very powerful eleven ”, added the Betfair ambassador.

“A strong president is needed”

Rivaldo did not hesitate to publicly show his support for Joan Laporta, candidate for the presidency of Barcelona. He believes that the club needs “a strong president.” “Yes, I publicly declare that I support him because I believe that the club needs the figure of a strong president who is capable of giving the club back where it belongs, to fight and reclaim the space it always has to occupy,” he commented.

The former Barcelona player believes that the Barça team’s problem can be extended to the rest of the Spanish teams in the Champions League, especially to Real Madrid and Atlético. «About the Barcelona It should serve as a warning for Spanish teams. The Real Madrid he is also going to have a bad time against Atalanta. It is not that in LaLiga they are much better. Even the Athletic, that they are a tough and rocky team, but I think they have a 50% tie with Chelsea.

“Mbappé is a firm candidate for the Ballon d’Or”

In addition to analyzing the future of Leo Messi, Rivaldo also reviewed the exhibition of Kylian Mbappé at the Camp Nou. «It was an amazing hat-trick that only proves that he is a firm candidate to win the Ballon d’Or, surely one of the best players of the moment in the world. And despite this, the boy plays as if he were in the backyard of his house. But I can’t forget about the rest of the team. PSG played a solid, choral game. They are strong candidates for the Champions League.

The Frenchman shone in the absence of Neymar. He had before him the opportunity to sign his great European night and he did not fail. The Brazilian could not be due to a new injury suffered during a match in the French Cup, which prevented him from being at the Camp Nou. Rivaldo ensures that “the referees should protect him more.” “He has a bad reputation as a crybaby and that seems to have infected even the referees, because of how they whistle him. The defenders in France simply cannot stop him and act with violence, something that the referees should stop, ”asked the Betfair ambassador.