Both the singer and her family have decided to put themselves in the first line of battle against the coronavirus

Rita prays

Valery Hache / . via .

Like many other citizens of the country, the singer Rita prays has decided to join the new volunteer program that has been established within the british health service, the NHS for its assist in person at the essential tasks that doctors, nurses and other professionals in the health sector exercise these days before the spread of the coronavirus in the islands.

It has been his own mother, Vera Sahatciu, who has released the news in conversation with the magazine Hello!, to which he has also revealed that the interpreter’s older sister, Elena, has wanted to take the same step. “She is very aware and needs to contribute her grain of sand. Both she and her sister Elena are among the 750,000 people who have asked for help. and prevent this disease from reaching our doors ”, he pointed out.

As soon as your request is confirmed, the artist will be in charge of distributing medicines to the most vulnerable sectors of the population, manage the corresponding medical prescriptions, monitor those older people who live alone and, in general, help those most in need in these troubled and extraordinary times.

“We have to prevent the NHS from becoming even more saturated. [Rita y Elena] will be from the people who distribute medical supplies and equipment, collect prescriptions for medicines, supervise the elderly and make phone calls to those who are alone and most needy in our community ”, explained Vera, a retired psychiatrist who, however, has decided to return to her post to contribute to the necessary protection of the mental health of the groups most affected by the pandemic.

“I didn’t have to think about it too much, really, I love my job and I want to do my best. It is my responsibility and my obligation to help others. Nothing will stop me as long as I feel good enough to do the task. We are going through very difficult times, but it comforts me to know that heNHS professionals are all heroes, from doctors and nurses to cleaners and delivery men, “ has sentenced.