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Almost over 30 years ago, a screen icon lost its life amid some of the most intriguing causes, Rita Macedo, his departure became one of the unsolved mysteries.

The beloved and famous actress Rita MacedoWhoever was a recognized actress on the screen was found dead inside her car, a tragic ending that at that time caused a great impact and whose causes still remain unsolved.

Rita, Mexican actress not only stood out on screen but also in theater and cinema and is one of the most remembered of the « Golden era« of Mexican cinema.

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There could be culprits

Although really the causes of his death Until now unknown, speculation and conspiracy theories have surrounded the unexpected departure of the Mexican actress.

It was December 5, 1993 when Rita Macedo was found in his car parked inside his house in San Ángel, a detonation presented his lifeless body, however it was a detail that was omitted in the first reports that revealed the news of its tragic end.

Actress Rita Macedo. Twitter

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So for many years the theory of an assumption « criminal« The memory of his departure would have stained, even, among the various speculations, they assured that important executives of an important production house wanted to hide the person or persons responsible.

The news quickly made all the headlines under the legend that Macedo He had lost his life after suffering a « sudden heart attack » upon arriving home.

However, the null evidence that existed of it and the insistence of the press caused that the lie did not last long and that later the real causes of his departure which they assure was after taking his own life.

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This version was verified by autopsy that it be practiced in addition to the declarations of relatives, between brothers and daughters.

I arrived and from afar I saw her sitting in the car and I did not approach because a neighbor who came over just said to me: ‘he was ready @’, and I gave a discreet cry, then the whole family began to arrive, I went up to the room and I saw the clothes, « said one of her sisters.

Possible causes

Many have tried to clarify what were the reasons that will lead to Rita to end his life in that way, 68 years and after a long and successful career that never stood out for being involved in scandals.

However, after several years the truth seems to have found its true bottom after it was revealed that according to his family, Rita was going through a strong depression after his divorce and he had previously expressed that he did not want to continue living.

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From what she took on the matter, in the terrible scene, the actress presented a dis @ r0 on the palate with a 25-caliber artifact.

Rita left three children, Luis, Julissa, the fruits of her first marriage to the producer, Luis de Llano Palmer and Cecilia, the fruit of her second marriage to the writer Carlos Fuentes.

The possible reasons for making this radical decision remained in the air after the only possibility of knowing their motives through a letter, which in an outburst was destroyed by one of the daughters of the actress.

I who grabbed it (the letter), made it crackling and threw it away and the girl ran to throw all the garbage … that is going to be our greatest mystery, we will never know what that letter said, « Rita’s daughter told Ventaneando ago a couple of years.

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Apparently one of the daughters of the actress He became enraged after learning that his mother had lost his life and the way in which this happened, so in an outburst he destroyed the letter that had never been read or found after the hysterical moment.