The montra, Rita Indiana, continues to present the songs she has included on her return to music album, « Mandinga Times », this time with the release of the third single « Fear ».

With many plans in the pipeline, the artist does not want to pause this facet any longer and seek to continue expressing her opinion on different situations that impact society. This is why « Fear », it’s a song to celebrate pride month, under the production of Eduardo Cabra, also known as “Visitante” of the Calle 13 duo.

“This song is a reggaeton with epic strings that speaks of a love so intense that it is scary. Fear is a feeling that the LGBTT community stands on every day; fear of rejection, violence, injustice. Love is heroic or it is not, this song is for me a community, a community of Valientes, ”said the Dominican writer.

The song, available on all digital platforms, comes to light after « Like a Dragon » and « El Zahir », as part of the album that marked the return of Rita Indiana, « Mandinga Times », which will be released next 8 of September.

The artist says that she is very happy and content with her return, despite the fact that “everything has been very strange, in the middle of the confinement. Acceptance has been good; I have received very good criticism and a lot of love ”.

Focused on music, The Dominican singer-songwriter works in parallel in a television series that she wrote with her wife, and after launching his current record production, he intends to write a play.

The discography of Rita Indiana Hernández, the artist’s first name, includes hits such as « Equeibol », « Maldito Feisbu », « Como robber en la noche » and « Bajito a selva », among others such as « El castigador », « La time to go back ‘”and“ The blue of ping pong ”.