Colombian Real Zaragoza midfielder Daniel Torres stressed today that his team is “highly motivated, with the hope of completing the journey” they are leading and that could translate into a return to the Spanish first division seven seasons after their last relegation.

Since joining the team that Víctor Fernández trains on the last day of January of this 2020, the Colombian has only enjoyed a little less than a month and a half of normality after the break in the competition for the declaration of the state of alarm by the pandemic of COVID-19, in Spain but also in the rest of the countries.

For this reason, Torres acknowledged in his appearance at a press conference after the morning training session at the Ciudad Deportiva facilities that “the wait has been long and in fact is still long.”

At the moment, for the Caquezá player, the fact of being able to train where they normally do it “has been a great advance” and preparing to face the competition motivates them a lot “to get the best possible.”

Now, the next step forward should be to be able to train all the components of the squad together: “Then we will realize how we are and how we will get to the competition.”

Zaragoza is second in the table, just one point behind the leader, Cádiz. Eleven days remain to be disputed. When he returns to the competition, he has no doubts that “everything is going to be different” and that is why he points out that one of the objectives they must achieve is to adapt and get used to it: “Know that this is going to be the case and make the most of the tools we may have. “

One of the aspects that can most condition both the development of the game and the performance of the players is playing the matches behind closed doors. “It will be what we are going to miss the most, the push of the fans. They show us that support and they send it to us, as they have done throughout the season, and it is another motivation for us to know that we have to give everything to be able to give them joy, “he said.

Torres does not think about the whole of the eleven games that remain to be played to try to achieve the long-awaited promotion because he believes that what they should do is focus on Alcorcón, next rival, “and to start adding up.” “Being so short the competition we are all going to be indispensable, we are going to make the difference in trying to go game by game, they are final for us and we are going to try to add as much as we can, “he said.