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La Jornada newspaper
Friday May 29, 2020, p. 6

Brasilia and Madrid. Drive-in cinemas in Brazil and Spain are now a safe form of distraction to escape restrictions from the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the Brazilian capital, in the late afternoon, dozens of cars line up with their occupants eager to enjoy one of the few diversions that are allowed: a movie at the drive-in.

With his flashlight, Jair de Souza guides drivers from the entrance to the designated places. Each car must respect the distance, leaving a free parking space between them, he says to each one.

The Brasilia drive-in theater admits only 150 cars per function, which occupy a third of the space. There are three daily screenings, with a children’s film at 6, followed by two for adults. This site has existed for 47 years. They closed it at the beginning of the pandemic, but reopened it in early April.

Minutes before the film started, people took out the popcorn and other goodies brought from the trunk.

A mother brought her two children, quarantined since March.

Eduardo Cavalcanti installed a garden chair outside the car to leave the back seat to his daughters, and he sat the son on the roof of the car. From there, he had the best view of the animated movie Little Foot.

My boys couldn’t stand being home anymore, Cavalcanti said. My wife saw the drive-in advertisement and suggested the ride. It was the only option to get out and stay safe.

Summer season

On the other side of the Atlantic, in Madrid, a drive-in premiered its post-confinement summer season on Wednesday to the rhythm of the legendary 1978 musical Vaseline.

Traditional venues and other indoor entertainment venues remain closed, while Spain, one of the countries most affected in Europe by the Covid-19, gradually eases restrictions from the pandemic.

But the Madrid RACE Drive-In Cinema had the green light to reopen.

Drive-in appears to have been made to live with this type of virus, its co-founder Cristina Portas told ..

The site reduced its capacity to 100 cars and introduced social distancing measures.

Drive-in cinemas have also re-emerged in other countries, such as Lithuania, the United States and France.

At the Madrid drive-in, the ushers, dressed in reflective jackets and face shields, guide the cars to the marked spaces, ensuring distance.

As the sun went down over the city, John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John danced on the big screen, under which two classic cars from the 1950s were displayed, transporting the public to life in an American school.

One of the spectators, Belén, explained the attraction of looking at it from the passenger seat.

It is a safe form of leisure for the moment in which we are (…) It is a lot of fun and they play very good tapes, he said.