Some are forged by fire, others are melted. Florestán.

In this of the occurrences and the impossible that later become reality, we have seen a long relationship.

First was the cancellation of the Texcoco airport, then came the construction of the Santa Lucia airport, the Dos Bocas refinery, the Maya Train, the Afores, the count of the assets of individuals, the disappearance of public trusts, the Nahle Law and now the extinction of the funds that the government maintained for the support of some activities such as cinema, sports, science and the Fonden, the Natural Disaster Fund, vital in the event of floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and all natural misfortunes.

The initiative came from the Morena deputy, Dolores Padierna, and I understand that there are some who have no reason to exist, but the Fonden is essential and promoting their disappearance is criminal.

Yesterday, René Juárez Cisneros, coordinator of the PRI deputies, accused Morena of deceiving the president and looking for resources to maintain his social programs at the expense of the poor, who are the main victims of natural disasters and the main beneficiaries of the Fonden, This is the first voice that comes out in their defense, because in other funds, their victims have already raised their voices: scientists, human rights defenders, athletes, and the entire world of cinema.

But no one had come out in defense of the poorest, I insist, the victims of natural catastrophes, who should not even know about Padierna’s initiative, which has already been handed over to commissions to be ruled on, which they will do with the majority, the same as They will approve it when it reaches the plenary at some point.

This proposal, on which the President has not spoken, confirms what the poor first, especially with the disappearance of the Fonden.


1. PROOF.- No, until now they have not tested López Obrador for the COVID-19, despite belonging to the group of vulnerability due to age and health history, hypertension. The argument is that he has had no symptoms, which is the same as what they told me, and neither. But he is the President of the Republic;

2. PEAK.- The statistic remains at its peak by adding 6,1010 deaths yesterday, 420 more than Wednesday, the deadliest day with 424, and 59,467 cases, two thousand 973 more than the day before, the maximum for one day. The original López-Gatell projection is maintained that the peak would arrive in June; and

3. DECISION.- In the case of Guerrero, Governor Héctor Astudillo announced last night that given the mobility that remains in Acapulco and the increase in its contagion curve, the port will not return to normal on June 1, as had been announced and the confinement and the closure of beaches and bay, to which others do not dare.

See you on Tuesday, but privately.