Riots in Colombia: Junior – River play while a battle takes place outside the stadium

At the Romelio MartĂ­nez stadium in Barranquilla There were two battles, a night of football and a national strike in Colombia. The difference is that inside the field the dispute was with the ball and outside it a confrontation between protesters and police officers.

While Junior from Barranquilla faced River plateOn day 4 of the Group Phase of the Copa Libertadores, in the surrounding streets, several protesters were protesting the non-realization of the match. This in the framework of the national strike that the coffee nation has been experiencing in recent days.

Minute 23, the breeze carried part of the tear gas to the field with which ESMAD tried to disperse the irregular situation with civilians. The players put their hands to their faces and River’s coaching staff had to enter the locker room to wait for the gases to pass.

Before the game it was expected that this was going to be the night. In the recognition of the field by the players, the sirens and some detonations were heard. While the tear gas affected the breathing of the footballers. Marcelo Gallardo, coach of the Argentine club, was visibly affected.

The irregular confrontation on the night of this May 12 takes place on 72nd street, outside the Romelio MartĂ­nez stadium.

Before the first half break, Miguel Ángel Borja had scored this goal to overtake the local team.

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