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Riot Games promised that there would regularly be new content for VALORANT. It is a fact that the studio works to keep its word, as it recently revealed details of the next agent that will arrive in the shooter by mistake.

Important information about the new character came to light prematurely on the game’s official website. Thanks to this, we know that the agent will be called Killjoy and that he will have attractive abilities on the battlefield.

It is important to mention that information about his powers was revealed, but for now his appearance and other relevant data from his story remain a mystery. So your official disclosure may be very close.

What we know about Killjoy, the new VALORANT agent

According to the details, everything indicates that Killjoy will have a powerful turret to eliminate its rivals. It will also have traits that will bring it closer to Raze and Cypher. The agent will have quite useful abilities, such as Bot alarm, with which he will deploy a robot that will make other players’ lives impossible.

To be more exact, the robot will chase rivals and explode once it finds them. This will deal damage and also allow other players to take double damage.

In addition, Killjoy will have one more ability to use all the power of his turret. The weapon will be able to rotate 180 ° and will be ideal to lean in difficult times or to make a direct attack with the rest of the team.

With Nanoswarm he will throw a grenade that will not explode instantly. It can be remotely activated to attack with a group of nanorobots. Lastly, it has an ability called Blocking, which will stop all enemies trapped in a specific area for 8 seconds. Below is a sample of his powers.

It is important to mention that Riot Games has not confirmed a release date for the new character. Also, keep in mind that the official text may be a preliminary version, so some details about Killjoy may be different at the end.

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VALORANT is now available for free on PC. Find all the news related to the tactical shooter at this link.