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Riot Games has been very successful with the launch of VALORANT. The title is now available to all players with a good amount of content. This new game will be a service that will evolve over time through updates in the form of Episodes and Acts that will add new features. The first Act is about to end and users will soon receive the second one, which will bring with it a new agent that has just been formally revealed by Riot Games.

Days ago we learned of Killjoy, a mysterious character who would have very useful skills on the battlefield, but so far there was nothing official from Riot Games.

Today it was finally confirmed that Killjoy will be the new character in Act II. This is a German girl who has computer skills. Thanks to her knowledge, the new agent will be able to install sophisticated devices such as turrets and proximity pumps and make them operate remotely and autonomously.

« Killjoy arrives at Act II of VALORANT. Killjoy is a resourceful inventor as laid-back as having a coffee in Berlin, using her deadly technology to dominate defense. Surprise your rivals or block an area to place the Spike without pressure, « read the character description.

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Act II will start soon

Killjoy will be the 12th character in VALORANT and will be available starting on August 4, which will be when Act II begins. It is still unknown how it can be achieved, so it is expected that Riot Games will give more information about it soon.

As we informed you a few weeks ago, Riot Games plans to bring around 6 new agents to the game every year, one for each Act, also, you can expect the arrival of more cosmetic weapons items. While we know more about it, we invite you to watch the presentation trailer for Killjoy.

What did you think of the first look at Killjoy? Do your skills appeal to you? Will Killjoy be your main character? Tell us in the comments.

The new Riot Games title is being a hit on PC and many gamers are wondering if there is a chance it will hit consoles. Although the developer did not deny such a possibility, it did not give fans much hope either.

VALORANT is available on PC. You can find more news related to him if you visit his file.

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