Riolo violently attacks Domenech

The new coach of FC Nantes still took it for his grade.

It is an understatement to say that the appointment of Raymond Domenech to FC Nantes has caused a media outcry since December 26. While Pierre Ménès, on Sunday in the Canal Football Club, said he was scandalized by the criticisms of the press against the former coach of theFrench team (2004-2010) and in particular from the journalists of the L’Equipe channel (who have nevertheless collaborated with the person concerned in recent years), Daniel Riolo, him, raised another problem. By going in a completely different direction.

The star consultant of RMC denounced a “connivance” on the part of certain journalists and points the finger at a “media wave that [va] in the direction of support ”to Domenech. “What bothers me the most is knowing how we decided and how we orchestrated positive opinions about it”, launched the polemicist who, like Pierre Ménès, is friends with Estelle Denis, the companion of the technician of 68 year old who was chosen by President Waldemar Kita. “Our job shouldn’t be that,” he says in After Foot.

“He’s a poor man’s Mourinho”

Before letting go: “It annoys me. I hear everyone who’s friends with him start teaching us a lesson. Do not come and teach us the lesson that we are having a fix or that he is great, because‘he’s not great, he sucks, his career sucks and he’s never done anything. So if he wants to do something in Nantes, let him do it and I will be objective, but it is a phony trainer, who turns his press conferences into a show, into a circus, because he takes himself for Mourinho, but he is a poor man’s Mourinho and he will never live up to his idol’s ankle ”.

Riolo also recalls that Domenech had not managed a professional club since 1993 (and a positive experience at theOL). The former side-defender then became coach of the Espoirs tricolores (1993-2004) before taking the reins of the Blues in 2004. If he is the coach of the unfortunate finalists of the 2006 World Cup against Italy, Domenech is also , 4 years later, one of the main culprits of the huge Knysna fiasco during the South African World Cup.

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