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The show begins!

As today’s episode begins, Quinn McKay welcomes us and talks about the combat between 2 Guys 1 Tag Y Gresham and Lethal by Tag Team championships of Ring Of Honor at Bound By Honor.

A fight between Maff and Cobb vs The Briscoes, which will take place next.

Maff and Cobb vs The Briscoes

The combat starts Jeff Cobb Y Mark Briscoe. Both fighters initiate a fight in which Mark applies a headlock to his opponent. However, the latter pushes him against the ropes to get rid of the headlock, but Briscoe defends himself and continues with the headlock. Jeff quickly returns to perform the maneuver and is victorious by applying a dropkick. Relay for Maff and Briscoe also gives the relief to his brother. Maff initiates a series of chops and forehand shots and Mark also responds in the same way. However, they do get to a point where Maff gains combat control and takes over from Cobb. In a few seconds Mark Briscoe also comes in and attacks Cobb several times, taking control of the fight from him. Mark gives a header to his opponent but this would not be effective. Cobb invests with an irish whip but Mark gives his brother relief in time and the Briscoes dominate the fight.

We return from commercials and Mark falls into a belly to belly suplex by Cobb, Relay for Maff and several clotheslines are directed at Mark. Relay for Jay and falls back into a series of Maff’s clotheslines ending with a senton bomb. The account is in 2. Relay for Cobb and they give Jay several elbows. Cobb gives him an irish whip combined with an uppercut and tries to count Jay to 2. After the pin, lift it from the ground with one hand to apply a suplex. Try the count and stay at 2. Standing Moonsault and continue with a headlock. Jay manages to apply a dropckick and takes over from Mark Briscoe. Mark enters the ring giving Cobb several right hands and Cobb resists. But Mark gets rid of Maff and hits him with a running dropkick. This causes Mark to gain control of the fight and throw Maff out of the ring. However, hostilities are carried out outside the ring and Maff charges him to try to apply a powerslam, but fails. After this, The Briscoes apply a suicide flight to Cobb and then introduce him to the ring to finish him off with a suplex. The count remains at 2.

We go to the final stretch of the bout and Jay reverses a Cobb clothesline and then an avalanche on the corner, Jay gets the Jay Driller. Mark prepares from the corner and the Froggy Bow p to make the count of 3 and lift the victory.

RESULT: The Briscoe Brothers are the winners of the match.

Alex Shelley vs Rey Horus

The combat begins with a struggle between the two fighters. Alex starts by twisting Rey’s arm and Rey tries to do it himself but he recovers quickly. Shelley invests it with a Slice Bread, but this serves to get Rey to push himself with the help of the ropes and try to reverse his rival. Both decide to start the fight from 0. Shelley applies a headlock, propels Rey against the ropes and he gets an arm drag against his opponent. Shelley stands up and they both attempt a dropkick but to no avail. They try again and Rey manages to send him out of the ring. Alex applies several chops and ends it with a back breaker.

Horus tries to oppose his rival with several chops but is not effective for Alex and sends him back to the ring. Alex gets on the corner and performs a SuperFly, tries the count, but Horus reverses it and reaches 2 for him. Shelley dominates the fight and continues with several chops to Rey’s chest. Rey also responds with Chops, but Shelley decides to respond with a Pendulum Swing. Alex puts pressure on his rival, but Horus manages to get rid of Shelley’s padlock. They both start a series of chops again, but he ends up with a clothesline from Shelley about Horus. As Alex had the golden opportunity in combat, Shelley applied the Border City Stretch and made Horus surrender.

RESULT: Alex Shelley defeats Rey Horus.

Silas Young and Josh Woods vs. Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham for the Ring Of Honor Tag Team Championships.

The combat begins in chaos from the entrance of 2 Guys 1 Tag. Jay Lethal and Gresham attack their rivals before time to take advantage. Lethal launches himself with several suicide flights out of the ring. However, Woods connects Lethal out of the ring and applies a German suplex to him. The referee rings the bell and the fighters in the ring are Gresham and Young. Gresham briefly takes over from Lethal and he punishes his rival.

We’re back from commercials and Gresham is in the ring again punishing Young’s leg. Then he proceeds to various kicks and finishes it off with an eye peck. Lethal returns to the ring and continues with the same punishment, attacks Young’s leg, but Young takes advantage of one of his taunts to reverse the situation and send his rival out of the ring and manages to take over from Woods. Woods enters with several belly to belly suplexes, clotheslines and finishes Lethal with a butterfly twist after several knee strikes. Woods tries the count but it is at 2. Josh sends Lethal to the corner and then charges him to apply a GTS, he tries the count but it is at 2 since it is canceled by Grasham. Grasham falls into an enzyme kick in the air of Woods and he returns to dominate the contest. Josh reloads Lethal but fails as he applies a Lethal Combination breaker. He tries the count but it remains at 2. Woods has control of the combat again and applies a German suplex to Gresham who is back on stage, the count remains at 2 because Lethal cancels it. Relay for Young and charge Gresham but get nowhere, reversal of Gresham with a moonsault springboard, suicide flight for Woods out of combat, Lethal repeats the action and Gresham returns to the ring for a moonsault against Silas Young. The account remains at 2. Young invests with a roll-up but the referee is confused and Lethal escapes to apply it and gets the count of 3.

RESULT: Jay Lethal and Gresham retain the Ring Of Honor Tag Team championships

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