Rihanna returns to music

After five years of recording silence, motivated in part by her successful forays into fashion through her brand ‘Fenty’, the Barbados diva would already have on her agenda the future recording of a promotional video in Los Angeles, for which she would put in the hands of the director Raja Virdi.

Rihanna (Robin L Marshall / Getty Images for BET)

According to the British newspaper The Sun, the pop star would have been working tirelessly on what will be his ninth album, the first to be published in more than five years, but shrouded in the most “absolute secrecy” in order to avoid leaks and also to surprise your fans when you launch it on the market.

Remember that her previous album, the acclaimed ‘ANTI’, was released in 2016, so the impatience of her fans is understandable.
“Rihanna has been working on the album for a long time, but in the most absolute secret.

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