Rihanna has already erased the tattoo she shared with her ex Drake

This tattoo was said to have a special meaning for the then couple, as it made the date they had at a Toronto aquarium in which he bought her a stuffed shark indelible.

Although it is not known when the relationship between Rihanna and DrakeIt is a fact that it was brief and that, moreover, it was shortly after these tattoos were drawn. In 2018 the singer even said that she no longer had contact with her ex: “Now we have no friendship, but we are not enemies either. It is what it is”.

Now, the romantic outing that Riri and A $ AP Rocky They had this week at the Barcade bar in New York has revealed that, who knows how long, the shark tattoo disappeared and in its place now the businesswoman also wears a much more elaborate tattoo that covers her entire ankle.

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