Riddick Moss came from WWE NXT to the main roster to collaborate with Mojo Rawley. This collaboration did not last long, as WWE gave him a small individual push. He managed to win the championship 24/7 by snatching it from R-Truth. He managed to retain that championship for quite some time, including in a titular fight against Ricochet at a WWE RAW show. He also beat Cedric Alexander to defend the title 24/7.

However, Riddick Moss lost the title 24/7 to R-Truth. While Moss was running down the street, a car stopped in front of him. The car was driven by a referee and the trunk of this car came out R-Truth to win the championship again. Since then We don’t know anything about Riddick Moss. He has been missing from WWE for a long time, and many thought that he was one of those affected by the layoffs that were made due to the Coronavirus crisis.

Joins other superstars who don’t want to risk their health

However, its absence is also due to the Coronavirus. As we already know, several WWE superstars did not want to risk their health and decided to stay out of the company for an indefinite period of time. These superstars are Roman Reigns, Sami Zayn, Kyle O´Riley or Kevin Owens, although the latter was present at the last show of WWE RAW.

According to Dave Meltzer, Riddick Moss joins these superstars who do not want to risk being infected by this virus. Even at this time, where WWE is in serious trouble due to this issue, due to several positives that occurred within the company that affected, among others, Renee Young or Kayla Braxton.

How did the Coronavirus arise in WWE?

Although the first positive for COVID-19 in WWE was longer inside the company’s offices, the problem really started when a superstar from the Perormance Center who was acting publicly tested positive. At that time, everyone in the crowd was not wearing a mask. That is why since then more and more positives began to appear, until the company decided to test everyone.

There was talk that the number of positives would reach 30, but since then nothing is known on this subject. Hopefully everything goes well for WWE, its superstars, and everyone who works at the company.

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