Ricky Rubio’s phrases about effort, work and life that have gone viral

Spain is World Champion for the second time in its history. The National Team made history in China by winning the final against Argentina, and Ricky Rubio was the MVP of the tournament.

Rubio, who has been in the elite since he was 15 when he debuted at ACB, has gone through many phases in his career. From being a child prodigy to settling in Spain, winning everything in Europe, going to the NBA and starting from scratch, getting seriously injured, being criticized on some occasions and now, being fully established and consolidated as a first level point guard. in the best league in the world.

Throughout this journey, as is well known, the death of his mother three years ago has also had an influence. For all these reasons, the El Masnou base may have shown in this World Cup an image of leadership and such superlative integrity. He is no longer the dazzling 16-year-old or the stratospheric point guard who crossed passes in the NBA that surprised even LeBron. And that is perhaps why his comments at a press conference and his statements about the championship, especially after the victory, have become a trend on social networks.

This is what this video has done, for example, in which, after the final, he remembered his mother and how she has helped him throughout his career:

And also on Twitter, several users have recovered a talk he gave in a set of conferences for BBVA in which he explored his vision of work, sacrifice, and also failure.

Here are some of Rubio’s phrases in that talk:

“The desire that a child has are so great that we have to learn from it. I continue to learn from the illusion that the child had [refeririéndose a él] who was playing that final in 2008 “, referring to the final of the 2008 Olympic Games.

“To get to the top talent can help you, but to maintain you have to have a level of consistency and daily effort and mentality, which is not satisfactory at the time. You have to have discipline”

“I’ve realized during my career that the more I train the luckier I get.”

“If you want something to go well for you, work hard. The victories are important because they are the reward for a job you have done. What about failure? At first I did not know how to accept defeat, with 20 years I had won everything that you could win in Europe. And I’m going to the NBA and things are not going so well for me […] And that experience could have made me stop liking basketball, stop enjoying it. But I took it the other way around. Failure taught me, I learned from it. “

“Many times we think that a problem we have, or a situation, is life or death. Like a free kick in the last second. You put much more pressure on it than it is. Many times in a problem we have we say ‘is that if this doesn’t come out … ‘. Don’t worry. If you have put in the hours of work that you think are needed. If you think that you have done everything perfectly, and it hasn’t come in, forget about the result. “