The player of Phoenix Suns Ricky Rubio He has given an interview to the Rac1 colleagues in which he explained how the confinement is happening and what he expects in the coming months. He comments that he returned to Spain to be close to his family, something he saw necessary:

“I came back to be close to my family. If anything happened to someone and we couldn’t be by their side it would have killed us. And here we can take food to my wife’s grandparents. Being here to help is much better.”

Ricky is a family guy who, after learning that the NBA was suspended, returned home. In fact, lately he has dedicated himself to making a 6,000-piece puzzle that he has not been able to complete, since one was eaten by his dog: “I have another 40,000 but my wife won’t let me do it …”.

On the lack of basketball, he admits that at the moment it is not what worries him the most: “The important thing is that everything is solved.” Of course, he is very satisfied with the steps that the NBA has taken to date regarding the pandemic:

“The uncertainty is general. You start to make a physical plan but without a milestone it becomes difficult. We do not know when we will return. I trust the people who run the organization a lot. We were one of the first leagues to stop and pot, even long before all this exploded, they educated us and they put doctors to us to instruct us what could happen. I suppose it will be necessary to end up playing behind closed doors “.

About this last section it is quite clear that it is a possible solution: “I have never played without an audience and it would be strange but we understand that it is a show and people at home need it.”