The Spanish base Ricky Rubio ended his NBA season on Thursday with a good performance in a new victory for the Phoenix Suns by 128-102 against the Dallas Mavericks, insufficient to stay alive inside the ‘bubble’ of Orlando because neither the Memphis Grizzlies nor the Portland Trail Blazers failed and will play the ‘play-in’.

Aug 14, 2020 at 10:14 am



The Suns fulfilled and certified their immaculate service record in this restart of the league at the Walt Disney World Resort. They arrived with the mission of winning their eight games and they did, but it was not enough to play the tie to decide the eighth place in the Western Conference.

Monty Williams’s they needed to win, but also for the Grizzlies or the Blazers to lose, and they didn’t failAlthough the Oregon men suffered the unspeakable (134-133) against the Brooklyn Nets, who had the last shot to have put Ricky Rubio and company in the ‘play-in’. Memphis, on the other hand, overwhelmed the Milwaukee Bucks (119-106).

The Suns showed their good level also in the last game and they leave with the honor of being the only ones who have not lost a game. The Mavericks didn’t offer much resistance and also booked Kristarps Porzingis and a Luka Doncic, who played just 13 minutes, enough to score 18 points.

The Slovenian did not distribute any assistance during his stay on the track, quite the opposite of Ricky Rubio who shone in that facet with a total of 12, five less than all that accumulated the ‘Mavs’, and added seven points, two rebounds and a steal to his farewell letter in Orlando.

Once again, guard Devin Booker, with 27 points, was the best of Monty Williams, who are already thinking of shining next season in the NBA after the growth experienced in these eight games.