Ricky Martin’s tattoo covers his leg, reveals meaning

Ricky Martin’s tattoo covers his leg, reveal meaning | Instagram

The controversial tattoo that he singer Ricky Martin recently showed unleashed all the controversies, in one of his latest publications he would reveal the new engraving that he wears on his leg, the image, which was accompanied by a message “Ink with movement”.

Ricky Martin, has distinguished himself throughout his career for supporting various causes and this time it would not be without a strong reason why he decided to engrave a large part of his left leg, the new tattoo that starts from his knee to the instep of a of his limbs refers to his support for the community movement LGBTQ +.

In the image, the “Grammy nominated“In the 63rd edition of 2020, with his most recent album called” Pausa “he appears leaning on a bed, completely covered by a comfortable outfit of sweater and pants, both in black, Enríque Martín Morales, discovered his very leg that showed the tattoo for which he dedicated a beautiful thank you note.

Ink with movement …. Your vibes, your talent, your friendship. You are a legend !!! Thank you! ”The Latin pop legend wrote on her official Instagram account.

Immediately, some of the 14.9 million loyal followers of Ricky Martin did not take long to show their support for the renowned figure of the show to whom they commented and dedicated several reactions between messages, emojis and more than 364 people who liked the new post. “Beautiful” read one of the comments.

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Likewise, the artist responded to the message of the interpreter of “Sharks” to whom she expressed her complete gratitude.

To a beautiful human, Ricky Martin, thank you for everything you do for us in the LGBTQ + community and with your foundation, you are pure gold, Roxx wrote to the publication to which he added an image of the native of San José, Puerto Rico.

The 49-year-old artist, who currently resides in Los Angeles, has lent his support to various causes extending beyond movements in favor of LGBTQ people, has also supported campaigns among those seeking to rebuild his place of origin, Puerto Rico, after the devastating passage of Hurricane Maria in 2017, spearheading the movement called “Elite.”

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He has collaborated in others that fight against the coronavirus that caused the recent health crisis that broke out shortly before the end of 2019, the current husband of Jwan Yosef strengthened ties with foundations such as “Charity Stars” and “Project” to combat the weakness of the coronavirus .

It should be remembered that several weeks ago it emerged that the former member of “Menudo” was one of the victims who suffered the ravages of the confinement by which his mental health was affected.

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Enríque Martín Morales, commented that it was thanks to the making of his album “Pausa” that helped him to stay focused during those days where he also had the valuable help of his mother, who stayed a season with his family and helped him with the little ones. , he assured.

The material even bears the stamp of his family since both his older children and her husband, the plastic artist were involved in the realization, Jwan, was in charge of taking the photographs and his twins gave their opinion on what they thought of the pictures. better, commented the Latin star.

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Among other movements in which he has been involved, there is also an openly supportive movement in favor of the Democrat who recently won the last elections in the United States, thereby showing his disapproval of the former leader who during his mandate staged a strong battle against the immigrants and the Latino community that resides in that country.