Pablo Alborán became the protagonist of the last hours after he announced on Wednesday that he was gay on his social networks. The publication did not take long to collect all kinds of comments and expressions of support from their loved ones at a very important moment in Malaga’s career. Among them, he did not want to miss another successful artist like Ricky Martin, a great friend of Pablo during these years.

They are both great friends

Precisely the Puerto Rican singer was one of the secondary protagonists left by Pablo Alborán’s announcement for his coming out of the closet. Many took the opportunity to remember moments that both shared together in the past and that motivated a whole host of rumors. Be that as it may, Ricky Martin took advantage of the latest publication of Pablo Alborán in networks to leave him a broad comment in which he showed his unconditional support.

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“Bravo brave man,” began by saying the letter. “Life is too short to live halfway. There are many souls who go through this life without coming to accept its nature and that is sad. That battle, you have already won. How lucky you are. You don’t know how many men and women you’ve helped with this video. How happy I feel for you. To live without fear Pablo. You deserve it, “said the Puerto Rican.

Undoubtedly, Ricky Martin’s message will have been one of the most excited for Pablo Alborán in a day in which it was most commented on social networks. Despite the fact that many have taken the liberty of speculating with their sexual orientation during these years, it has been the person from Malaga who has decided to announce it so that this rumor mill ceases.

The relationship between the two has always been special, and that is They met a few years ago during a trip they shared to India. As we say, this trip has been the most commented also in the last hours on social networks after many maintain the theory that between the two there was more than just a friendship. The truth is that it was a trip that served both personally and professionally, especially Pablo Alborán who included his collaboration on his third album Terral.