Ricky Martin premiered this Thursday the music video for the “remix” or remix of the song “Sharks”, for which he collaborated with the Puerto Rican reggaetonist Farruko, reported the representatives of the Puerto Rican singer.

Both artists filmed the video with their mobile phones from their respective residences as a preventive measure of contagion by COVID-19.

Ricky Martin filmed it from his residence in Los Angeles, California, while Farruko shot it from Puerto Rico.

And both singers were carried away by the direction from Miami, Florida, of the Puerto Rican Carlos Pérez, creative director of Elastic People, to make the audiovisual content.

Since its release, “Tiburones”, composed by Pablo Preciado and Oscar Hernández and produced by Julio Reyes Copello, has managed to generate over 14 million reproductions on digital platforms in their original version, ranking at the top of international popularity.

The “Shark” remix was released at midnight on April 9 on all music platforms.

The official song and music video for “Tiburones” was premiered by Ricky Martin on January 23, two weeks before the start of his new world tour, “Movimiento”, at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico, in San Juan.

For the official video of “Tiburones”, Ricky Martin worked with the Puerto Rican director Kacho López, who illustrated the social view of the vicissitudes that are lived in the world today derived from separation, hatred and misunderstanding.

The song will be part of the Puerto Rican star’s new studio album.

Filmed last December in Puerto Rico, the video represents an appeal to the union between people to be stronger all together.

“Sharks”, likewise, will be part of the new studio album by Ricky Martin, who plans to release it this year, although the exact date is not yet known.

The artist, in turn, has also taken advantage of social isolation to deliver, through the Ricky Martin Foundation and the Project Hope and Charity Stars NGOs, a health team to some hospitals in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic that daily treat those infected with COVID-19.