Ricky Gervais refused to do the first stand-up in space

Photo: Ricky Gervais refused to do the first stand-up in space / .

Ricky gervais would have turned down an offer to do the first show of stand-up in the space.

According to the British publication, The Sun, the comedian was invited to perform a comedy show aboard a commercial space trip, however, he did not want to « take the risk. »

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« They offered me one of these trips where you go into space for 15 minutes, » he said. Gervais, labeling the idea as « crazy » and ensuring that he was careful not to cross the line.

“It was like a bunch of billionaires and they offered me the opportunity to be the first comedian to do a stand-up show in space. I said, ‘No, I won’t risk it’… these guys have spent $ 300,000 to go into space and see it and they say, ‘Here’s Ricky Gervais for ten minutes’… You could watch me on YouTube. « 

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On the other hand, the Zoo of London rejected the wish of Ricky gervais to be given to lions to eat after death.

Previously, the comedian said that he would like to give “something back” to nature, “We eat animals and destroy habitats and at least I can give something back.